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I made a new personal blog :D im really not gonna post here a lot anymore, so just in case if you want to follow me here's the URL!

Im crying tears of bricks because bioshock infinite and i dont know how to feel haPPY??? SAD??? GLAD??? MAD??? HALP PLS I DONT KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON

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Charlie Brown style

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i think krogan would be rlly cute in a romantic relationship because they wouldnt talk about feelings a lot but if someone hurt your feelings they might be like “WANT TO GO KILL THEM WITH ME”

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there is a TON of racist shit in bioshock infinite because it’s 1912 you fuckin morons

props to them for not creating an alternate past in which everyone is completely equal (like everybody else fuckin does)

props to them for not erasing how things really were back then

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Barbershop quartet version of “God Only Knows” from Bioshock Infinite.

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